Training Program for Doctors

In addition to the annual congress, SGML also offers courses and advanced traineeships in various areas.


The Congress

The annual laser congress organized by the SGML usually takes place on the 2nd or 3rd Thursday of the month in January. The rich program entails the latest findings in laser medicine presented by experienced national and international laser experts, podium discussions on laser medicine topics, company-sponsored workshops and workshops for MPA. For this year’s congress we also focus particulary on workshops for medical practice assistants. Attendees will enjoy a full-day program tailored to their needs.

Other Congresses

  • SGDV, Bern, 6. bis 9. September 2017

Training and Workshops

Click on the links below to find out more about the individual courses.

Expert Roundtables

Unfortunately, the expert roundtables did not take place this year. Due to the commitment of individual members, 2018 will offer a particularly attractive  training program on various subjects.

Company-Sponsored Workshops

We also list company sponsored laser workshops (without credit points) of SGML members. If you are a company offering laser workshops, please do not hesitate to contact us to be included in the workshop list.

Please see links below for company workshops:

SGML Courses

The SGML offers two laser courses.
The basic course covers primarily the physical and technical basics for beginners. This course is compulsory.
The advanced course deals in depth with safety and practical case discussions. You need to complete the basic course first or have experience with lasers before you can attend this course. The advanced course is optional. In addition to doctors, medical practice assistants are also allowed to participate in these courses.

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